I didn’t used to eat grapefruits. Not until I met, who for the sake of this blog will be called, Manface. Manface liked grapefruits just like me, and with him around I had someone to share it with and suddenly this food that used to too expensive or indulgent for me to consider buying and too bitter for me to eat the whole thing by myself, became an eagerly awaited-for weekend brunch treat. My favorite part about food is sharing it with other people, how it brings us together and makes other people so happy when it is good. So now with pleasure, I bring my kitchen to all of you. I bring you (mostly) healthy, local, affordable food, that is justly grown by workers who are paid a fair price. I bring you my amazingly talented roomates wisdom and creations and welcome your feedback so that we can create yummier food together. here we go!


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